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Windows 10 Apps We Can Build It For You

Finally! The much awaited Windows 10 is out for download. For a while now, we have been hearing about this new release that will take the mobile world by storm. For users, Windows 10 is promising to be a delightful change. For app makers, this is the platform you should turn to!If you are present on the Windows platform, here’s your chance to upgrade to Windows 10. Why? Let’s understand why this upgrade is essential.

Why Upgrade to Windows 10 ?

  • Platform Innovation:

    Create a single application that can run along the different devices powered by Windows 10. With Universal Windows apps, the apps can be created with an effect similar to holograms
  • Newer Technologies:

    Windows has always favored new and current technologies. With Windows 10 they have released four new SDKs: Websites, .Net &Win32, Android Java/C++ and iOS Objective C. With this, developers can start with an existing code base, integrate the capabilities of Windows Universal Platform and then finally distribute the new app through Windows store to the Window 10 devices.
  • Microsoft Edge:

    An in-built browser that will improve the visibility and discoverability of your apps. It will also offer extensibility using JavaScript and HTML

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What Silver Touch (Semaphore) Offers?

Windo ws 10 promises to be an exciting platform. We wish to further the usage experience, and make it more exhilarating for the users of any Windows 10 based app.

We believe it’s time to upgrade your apps, and other desktop software to Windows 10. Here’s how we will help you integrate the excellent features to your apps, and make it more experiential.

  • Our developers, with their research instincts and creative pursuits, will be able to deliver the Windows 10 features in the right manner to your web and software applications
  • A single app can run across the different Windows 10 devices; so our designers and developers will emphasize more on aligning your app with your business goal, and meeting your design needs
  • We promise to build an interface that will be more intuitive and tastefully designed
  • An excellent range of unique and dynamic apps that will inculcate the hologram effect will be offered from our quarters to build on user experience
  • With our offshore development team, and high quality standards, we offer cost efficiency and quality development
  • Keeping in mind the ability of Windows 10 to multitask better, we will offer apps that offer to achieve excellence in multitasking
  • We offer seamless upgrade of your current Windows based apps to Windows 10

It’s not just about customization! It is more about personalization, while including the many features.

With exciting features, and our own extensive capabilities, we offer a seamless upgrade to you. You can contact us with your requirements or inquiries via info@silvertouch.com