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Enterprise Mobile Apps Development

Enterprise Mobile Application Development

With the increased use of mobile applications, enterprises face challenge to attract customers resulting in development of innovative mobile apps. These mobile applications have helped the businesses to directly reach customers in a more personalized manner. Semaphore, an enterprise mobile app solution provider helps corporate become a mobile enterprise, giving advice to customers on their mobility strategies. We use latest mobile technology and system integration for delivering innovative enterprise mobility solutions, placing companies ahead of their competitors. We have the most proficient enterprise mobile apps developer who have an in – depth knowledge and hold rich experience in developing enterprise mobile apps. Being an enterprise mobile application development company, we have an expertise in developing mobile apps on leading platforms like IOS, Android, Windows and BlackBerry with an intuitive interface.

iPhone App Development

iPhone App Development

iPhone App Development

Create a competitive edge over others through our innovative and feature rich iPhone Apps!! Our efficient and transparent methodology helps in crafting unique and exceptional app solutions, tailored to your needs on iPhone 6 series, iPhone 5 series and iPhone 4 series devices.

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iPad App Development

iPad App Development

iPad App Development

Ensure that your apps take advantage of the distinctive features of iPad to the fullest!! Our reliable services and experience in creating ingenious iPad Apps will help your business in creating a niche segment. Our high quality services include research & analysis, development, testing, deployment and support & maintenance.

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Android App Development

Android App Development

Android App Development

Give your business the ultimate advantage by our dynamic and bespoke Android Apps!! We use a variety of tools, techniques & methodologies to deploy android apps that are advanced and user friendly. We help you harness the benefits of adaptable, latest and extensive technology for mobile in developing apps powered by Android.

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Windows App Development

Windows App Development

Windows App Development

Meet your unique business needs and increase productivity along with getting a competitive advantage through our robust and reliable Windows Apps!! Windows provide scalability benefits and myriad options making its apps widely acceptable. We are proficient in delivering windows apps that are comprehensively designed to align with enterprise goals.

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BlackBerry App Development

BlackBerry App Development

BlackBerry App Development

Access your information and collaborate with each other with innumerable business friendly features of our BlackBerry Apps!! These apps give boost to your business growth, enhance productivity and improve the brand awareness of your business. Our powerful BlackBerry Apps along with unparalleled support assist in fulfilling your specific business requirements.

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Process for Enterprise Mobile App Development

Process for Mobile Application Development
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Semaphore’s Enterprise Mobile Apps Capability

  • Location (GPS) based Applications:

    We have the potential to develop mobile apps having GPS facility, which can help you to search for nearby places like Restaurants, Cinema Halls etc. and get the way to reach there.
  • Google, Bing, & BlackBerry Maps Integration:

    We are efficient in integrating Google, Bing and BlackBerry Maps in mobile apps allowing you to view up-to-date maps, see clear directions, navigate and reach the proper destination on time.
  • Social Integration

    We have a knack of social networks integration in mobile apps helping you to meet your frequent requirements for posting updates on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  • Live Audio-Video Streaming

    We have the ingenuity to develop powerful and flexible Mobile Apps allowing you to stream audio and video live from your handheld device at anytime and from anywhere!!
  • Native device program (Contacts, Calendar etc)

    Our developers are proficient in adding native device programs such as Camera, Contact, Calendar etc. to your mobile applications.
  • PDF Reader with Annotations & Signatures

    We are competent to develop mobile PDF Reader allowing you to annotate a document with different drawings, underlines, highlights etc. and add signatures or text.
  • Barcode & QR Code Integrations

    You can enjoy the most comprehensive and multi – functional QR Code as well as Barcode reader through our capability of integrating them in your mobile apps
  • 3rd Party Integration (Drop box, Google Docs etc.)

    Our expert developers can help you to integrate your mobile apps with 3rd party applications like Dropbox, Google Docs etc. allowing you to directly access your Dropbox files and manage documents from anywhere.
  • RSS Feed integration

    We have the expertise to integrate your RSS Feed to your mobile app allowing your users, a quick and easy access to your blog posts.
  • Device Features usage (MultiTouch, Accelerometer, Shake)

    We have the potential to develop mobile apps with device features like MultiTouch, Accelerometer detecting acceleration, motion, rotation, shake & tilt interactions etc.
  • 2D Game development

    You can get the benefit of our unparalleled capabilities to develop unique and optimized 2D Games and enjoy playing them on your smart phones and tablets!!
  • Live Photos & Video Capturing

    Our developers have the proficiency in developing world – class mobile apps that enable you to capture live photos and videos of high quality.
  • Augmented Reality

    We have the competency in building Augmented Reality apps for smart phones as well as tablets which will give you a completely different perspective of the world around you through audio and visual media.
  • Live Data syncing with Server

    Semaphore Software has the capability of fast and efficient live data syncing with server allowing you to access the data from your smart phones at any point of time.
  • Restore Data Backup

    We are effective enough in assisting you to backup and restore your data by developing a mobile app which can help you to avoid any risk of data loss from your phone or memory card.
  • Offline Data Management

    We have the capacity to add offline capabilities to a mobile app, helping you access your data without any wireless communication at a remote location.
  • Push Notifications (APNS, C2DM, PPG, MPNS)

    We have a knack of sending push notifications like alerts or badges about new activities over multiple protocols such as APNS (for Apple), C2DM (for Android), PPG (for BlackBerry) &MPNS (for Windows) through a mobile app.
  • Cloud Integration (Auto Data Syncing)

    We have the proficiency in developing a mobile app, enabling simple and automatic sync between Cloud and your mobile device helping you to access your data anywhere from your smart phones.
  • Integration with Admob, iAds, Pubcenter

    Our developers have the ingenuity in integrating advertising frameworks such as Admob, iAds, Pubcenter etc. into a mobile app to help you generate ad revenue.
  • Cross-Platform development

    Our efficiency in developing mobile apps which can work on multiple platforms will help you to reach more number of people and reduce development costs.
  • Web services development (REST, JSON, XML and WSDL)

    We have the capability of incorporating web services in Mobile apps which support format such as REST, JSON, XML and WSDL, helping you to overcome the constraint of physical location.
  • Multi-lingual development

    emaphore Software has the potential to develop multilingual mobile app helping you to reach globally and in multilingual areas.
  • Payment Gateway Integrations

    We are competent in Payment Gateway Integration into your mobile app allowing you to process the transactions with your customers conveniently through your mobile device.
  • Mobile Chatting

    Our developers have the expertise to develop Mobile Chatting apps allowing you to send across texts, photos, voice messages, videos etc. to your contacts helping you to save SMS costs.
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